Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I AM SPARTACUS! Review by Carol Nicastro

What is it about this melodramatic story that is so irresistible???? We all loved it, but why? Carol will enlighten you:

This past Thursday, we watched Spartacus, the exciting movie based on the true story of escaped slaves trained as gladiators led by the mighty Spartacus. In the movie, Spartacus is bought as a slave by a wealthy Roman politician and trained to fight as a gladiator along with many others. When the servant girl he falls in love with is sold, he makes an escape and is followed by the others. As they journey to Rome to fight the Roman army, they are joined by other slaves of all different sorts who wish to fight with them. Even the servant girl, who escaped from the carriage taking her to her new home. This movie is filled with the perfect blend of action, romance, and drama. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone with a sense of adventure who likes to see a good battle!