Sunday, January 23, 2011


I promise this is the last list I'll publish. I think this listing phase is a part of my progression from "teacher film blogging" to "personal movie lover blogging."  So it is helping my change my focus. I can admit the Film Club blog was a failure, but mostly because we did not need it. Another group, another year, that may change. But for now, those hour long bull sessions after the movies are golden, though I am still not sure how we moved from the Karate Kid to visual physics jokes all over the white board at 6:00 PM>
So here is the list. I like most of the films on it, but do not see any justification for either Shrek movie on a fantasy film list. If you are going to add "cartoons" then why not go to anime and add Cowboy Bebop or Evangelion (both of which took me weeks to get over after the kids swore that I would think they were the best movies ever)?

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